Wireless devices configuration

Configuring a Wi-Fi network's SSID and security key on an embedded device has always been an uneasy process. Using our solution you can share these parameters from your phone or tablet by touching the device to configure it. This also works with smart-energy wireless networks such as Zigbee, 6LoWPAN networks.

Sensors calibration and configuration

Ensuring that a sensor is reporting accurate information and knows about its environment is crucial. You can configure these values with your phone, and also setup the sensor's GPS coordinates or configure information reporting frequency to optimize battery life.


Assess performance, reliability, safety and traceability of your unit with meaningful metrics throughout your project; adjust parameters to optimize performance even after delivery.

Information reporting

Some devices are just too small or have too low-power requirements to embed a long-range wireless connection. Touch the device, get immediate and relevant information on your phone and have all relevant data uploaded automatically to the cloud.

Hardware differentiation

Stop creating one new piece of hardware for each of your customer's application. Use a generic platform that you can differentiate using a configuration application. In this way, you save costs and can tailor the specific requirements of each of your clients with minimum work! You can even program your device with a specific firmware from the application.

Your application!

All applications are different; we can help bring yours to life: contact us now!